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Sep 06 2016
by Fresh U Editors

12 Tweets That Sum Up Syllabus Week

By Fresh U Editors - Sep 06 2016

1. When your syllabus stresses you out before the work even begins. 

2. Or it's not quite what you expected...

3. When the end of syllabus comes and you aren't ready. 

4. When your professor actually uses a syllabus class to TEACH THE ENTIRE TIME

5.  Seriously, why do so many professors do this. 

6. When the professor says, "If you're looking for an easy A, this isn't the class for you."

7. When you realize your professor seems pretty cool. 

8. When syllabus week is over:

9. When syllabus week ends and so does your drive to look nice.

10. When reality of what college *is* sets in.

11. When reality *really* sets in...

12. And when you decide to be optimistic and realize you're ready AF to take on the school year. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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