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Nov 15 2015
by Fresh U Editors

12 Tweets That Sum Up How You Feel About Sundays

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 15 2015

1. Sundays are a never-ending power struggle. 

2. It's a day of feeling overwhelmed. 

3. It's a day of nervous anticipation. 

4. It's day of ignorant bliss. 

5. It's a day when you realize just how much you procrastinated. 

6. It's a day of wasted opportunities. 

7. It's a day of wishing you were Netflix and Chilling. 

8. A day of wishing you were relaxing. 

9. A day of trying to overcome work-related challenges. 

10. It's a day where a lucky few actually do get to watch football. 

11. But mostly it's just a day of stress. 

12. Next Sunday will be better though, right? 

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