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Dec 24 2016
by Fresh U Editors

19 Tweets About Christmas All College Students Will Relate To

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 24 2016

Coming home for the holidays is an interesting experience as a college student. Your newfound freedom you had in college will likely be limited a bit, but you're also expected to be an Adult and buy your own presents. Managing these not-a-child-not-yet-a-true-adult expectations can lead to interesting, yet universal, experiences for a lot of college students. 

You (try to) slip seamlessly from stereotypical college student to innocent young adult:

You want to come through with gifts, but you're not sure where that gift money is coming from:

You recognize that you now appreciate sensible gifts. 

But you know the best gifts can't always be bought:

And your parents are quick to remind you they've already given you your gift...for the next four years...

Maybe that's why so many college students think it doesn't feel like Christmas...

But in the end, it seems the best gift of all is seeing the people you love after a long semester.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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