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Jan 18 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The Top 15 Colleges With The Best Professors

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 18 2016
5 shares has released its list of the 100 Colleges with best professors. The purpose of this ranking is to provide comprehensive assessments of the quality of the professors at different universities. These rankings take into account faculty accomplishments, diversity, salary index, and student reviews. We've provided you with the top 15. See if your university made the list!

1. Stanford University

2. Rice University

3. Washington University in St. Louis

4. University of Chicago

5. University of Pennsylvania

6. Colby College

7. Emory University

8. Bowdoin College

9. Columbia University

10. Yale University

11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12. Brown University

13. Carnegie Mellon University

14. Duke University

15. Harvard University

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