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Oct 06 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Top 10 Colleges With Best Off-Campus Dining

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 06 2015
1 share recently released a list of colleges ranked by best off-campus dining. They ranked 1,195 colleges based on 590,000 student opinions from 87,000 students. The ranks were based on accessibility, healthiness and diversity.  Check out the list and see if your college made the cut!

1. New York University

2. Rice University

3. Washington University in St. Louis

4. University of San Francisco

5. Tulane University

6. University of Georgia

7. University of North Carolina at Asheville

8. University of Texas - Austin

9. Skidmore College

10. College of Charleston

If you want to see the full list of best off-campus dining, check out's full list

Lead Image Credit: Jazz Guy via Wikimedia Commons

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