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Feb 10 2016
by Fresh U Editors

14 Tweets About the Relationship Between College Students and Coffee

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 10 2016

1. Fight the system, through coffee.

2. There are rumors, myths, of those who can survive without. 

3. But why isn't this a thing yet?

4. You had to adjust your lifestyle quickly when you got to college. 

5. Creamer is for high school students 

6. When it's not in your budget but you need coffee to survive

7. Sadly, this happens way too often. 

8. We are all in this together.

9. Because why not?

10. You don't know until you know

11. Coffee is part of a balanced diet

12. That teacher is the real MVP

13. Literally the only way

14. Thank you, coffee. 

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