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Mar 17 2016
by Fresh U Editors

17 Times the Mr. Krabs Blur Meme Was Your Life

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 17 2016

If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. The Mr. Krabs Blur Meme  is probably the funniest meme to hit the internet as of late, and it somehow accurately describes so many situations. Here are some of the best Mr. Krabs Blur Memes as it relates to college freshmen. 

1. When you're caught in the act

2. When professors pull this BS on the first day of class

3. That terrible moment when

4. When people still don't know how to make popcorn

5. When you thought you were gonna transfer schools but change your mind

6. Your phone going off in class isn't the worst part...

7. "What are we?" *read 7:33 pm*

8. When you find out there WAS homework

9. *tries not to panic*

10. When you realize you probably did fail that test

11. Pro tip: Don't take out gum in class

12. When your party somehow gets filled with randos

13. When you realize you're not on campus WiFi :(

14. When you're in class and this happens 0_0

15. When you only want to show someone one picture but they start swiping...

16. When you blink and suddenly the whole day is gone

17. When you realize that doing a published roundup of funny Mr. Krabs Blur Memes might contribute to killing the meme


Lead Image Credit: Twitter, Nickelodeon, The Unidentified Genius who created this meme

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