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Dec 13 2016
by Fresh U Editors

6 Tech Things To Get Before Next Semester

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 13 2016

From iPhone cords never lasting longer than two months to accidentally dropping your phone at a party and shattering the screen, college can be tough on technology. What better time to pick up some necessary (or not-so-necessary) tech things while you're home for break? Check out Fresh U's list of must-have items.

1. A Waterproof Shower Speaker


Sure, everyone in your communal bathroom will hate you but at least your morning routine will get better. Get it for $20.79.

2. A Portable Speaker


That awkward moment when you have to DJ the pregame from your laptop speakers. Get the Beats Pill above for $199.99, or go for this cheaper option below for $34.99.


3. A Portable Charger


If you've managed to get through college without a portable charger, more power to you. But realizing your phone is about to die when you're nowhere near an outlet can be seriously inconvenient. The portable charger shown above holds two charges for $15.99.

4. Cords That Won't Break

iPhone cords break way too easily and they're expensive to replace. Stock up on these reasonably priced cords for $13.99

5. A New Pair of Headphones


Rose Gold Beats


Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

There's nothing worse than studying in the library and being distracted by background noise. Ask for a pair of Beats or Bose headphones for Christmas or your birthday, or check out this cheaper option below


6. A Cool (or Functional) New Phone Case


Get this marbled case for $7.98.


Get this heavy-duty case for $15.99.


This case that also stores your credit card and ID for $14.99.

Before you head back to school, make sure you stock up on any electronic items you might need. 

Lead Image Credit: Amazon

Editors note: As part of Amazon's Affiliate program, Fresh U may receive a small percentage of any sales resulting from this article. 

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