Yesterday, we wrote about the excellent high school senior that brought a Bernie Sanders cutout as her date to prom. And today, it's this group of students who broke the Internet with their prom photoshoot. 

According to Buzzfeed, these prom-goers in Arkansas decided to have a little fun with their prom photoshoot – the guys wore superhero shirts and their dates matched them perfectly. 

Johnny Bolinger, the photographer at BN Focus Photography who took the photos, told Buzzfeed that the shoot started out like a typical prom photoshoot, but the students said they had something else planned. 

The photo, which was posted last Satuday, has gotten over 300,000 likes and has been shared just under 300,000 times. 

The 2016 prom season will definitely be hard to top.

Lead Image Credit: Facebook / BN Focus Photography

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