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May 29 2016
by Fresh U Editors

This South Carolina Beauty Queen Was Arrested For Forging Doctor's Notes To Cut Class

By Fresh U Editors - May 29 2016

Skipping class is all fun and games until you get arrested for forging doctor's notes. 

That's what happened to Madison Cox, who was arrested on charges of forgery in Duncan, South Carolina, according to Buzzfeed

Madison – who was Miss Teen South Carolina International in 2015 – had written fake doctor's note from Parris Family Chiropractic, but the school eventually caught on that she wasn't really at the doctor when the notes said she was. 

Madison was released from jail last Tuesday, but seems pretty unbothered by the whole thing according to her tweets:

So if you really need to skip class, do it the old-fashioned way and beg your mom to call you in sick. 

Lead Image Credit: Facebook

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