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Nov 26 2016
by Fresh U Editors

This College Freshman's Family Acted Liked He Died When He Didn't Come Home For Thanksgiving

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 26 2016

While Thanksgiving is often the first time many freshmen return home since heading off to school, some students opt to wait it out until winter break.

That was the case for Caleb Plott, a pre-law freshman at the University of Southern Mississippi studying political science. Caleb is from the DC area and with his break only lasting from Wednesday-Sunday, the travel time and costs didn't justify the trip.

When Caleb didn't come home Thanksgiving, his younger brother Noah — who is a freshman in high school — decided to poke some fun at the situation. Noah posted a picture of Caleb next to a candle with the caption "Our first Thanksgiving without him 😢." Caleb then tweeted out a screenshot of the Instagram where it went majorly viral.

Caleb told Fresh U over Twitter direct message that he definitely didn't expect the tweet to go viral.

"I thought just a few of my friends back home would get a kick out of it plus some people I met in college who would find my family life a lot funnier," Caleb said. "But later on Thanksgiving when people started getting on Twitter it started draining my battery because the notifications were constantly coming in."

Caleb also shared that his tweet has been seen by over four million people as of Friday. But the tweet wasn't the only thing that got attention. People found the original Instagram, which now has over 20,000 likes and thousands of comments. 

"People started commenting on me and my brother's Instagram saying stuff like 'RIP' and 'How could you miss Thanksgiving' and then they started commenting on people who are tagged in my pics recently blaming them for it," Caleb told Fresh U.

Comments left on Noah's Instagram
Comments left on Noah's Instagram

Even though Caleb couldn't join his family for Thanksgiving this year, this is definitely an experience they aren't going to forget.

Lead Image Credit: Instagram

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