Jaime Atilano officially came out on June 15, 2015 during Pride, but he wanted everyone to know exactly who he is when he graduated from Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland. So for his graduation cap, he celebrated the fact that he was "out" of high school and out of the closet. 

Over Twitter direct message, he told Fresh U, "I decided to decorate my cap "I'm Out" because I wanted to show that I'm not afraid of expressing who I am. High school is about finding yourself and not being afraid to be who you are. Since I came out in high school, I thought that showcasing my sexuality on my grad cap was a very important and meaningful aspect of my high school life."

He also said the reaction to his grad cap was overwhelmingly positive, and his mom thought his cap was really pretty. 

"I like the support from many people and I appreciate their congratulations to me graduating and accepting who I am," Jamie said. 

The reception on Twitter was also extremely supportive:

Jamie will be attending the University of Maryland College Park this fall. While he's still undecided about his major, he's looking into Public Health or Humanities. 

Congratulations to Jamie on graduating, and for his inspiring graduation cap!

Lead Image Credit: Twitter, @jaimeeatilano