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Feb 19 2017
by Fresh U Editors

11 Things That Happen When It's Above 50 Degrees on a College Campus

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 19 2017

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, snow is melting, and students are congregating on porches and driveways enjoying the (somewhat) warm weather. Even though winter isn't over yet, as soon as the weather is anything over 50 degrees, these things are inevitable on a college campus...

1. People break out the shorts, sandals, and bro tanks. 

2. Porches become acceptable places to do work (and other things)

3. People venture to the quad to tan...

4. Play frisbee...

5. Study...

6. And have picnics...

6. Day drinks can be found on every block.

8. ....Literally everywhere....

9. Every single Instagram post is nice-weather related. 

10. People post screenshots of the weather in disbelief...

11. And we all hope this is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. 

Here's to many more beautiful days! 

Lead Image Credit: imshmacked // Instgram

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