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May 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

These High School Students Went All Out For Their Senior Prank

By Fresh U Editors - May 07 2016

This might be one of the best senior pranks of 2016. 

According to Buzzfeed, 50 students from Franklin High School in Tennessee covered their entire school in a combination of toilet paper, plastic wrap, streamers, balloons, and other materials. 

Now despite the fact that they pretty much trashed their whole school, no one involved got into trouble. A spokesperson for the school district told Buzzfeed that the event was supervised and that staff had known about it all along. Originally, the students had planned to cover the school in bras with a sign that says, “We’ve grown over the years. Thank you for the support #breastclassever.” But when administration told them it would be inappropriate, they made a different plan. 

One student, Hannah Lagoski, told Buzzfeed that she even brought a pinata for the prank. 

She also told Buzzfeed that the prank was a really good end to high school, saying: "I think it was a really nice way for a lot of students who didn’t really talk to each other throughout the year to come together and have one last senior thing and say goodbye to the school,”

Raise your hand if this is 100x more impressive than your senior prank was or will be. 

Lead Image Credit: Cara Donahue

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