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Apr 12 2016
by Fresh U Editors

These Brothers Tricked Their Sister Into Thinking There Was a Zombie Apocalypse After Her Wisdom Teeth Surgery

By Fresh U Editors - Apr 12 2016

Getting your wisdom teeth out is already pretty unpleasant, but Millicent Phillip's older brothers took it to a new level when they set up a prank to convince her there was a zombie apocalypse happening post-surgery. 

As her older brother drove her home from her surgery, a fake news alert came on the radio saying there was a viral outbreak that can result in nausea, death, and cannibalism. Her brother receives a call from their mom (who was clearly in on the joke) about how the family needs to pack up all their things and flee to meet their father in Mexico, who was in Las Vegas at the time. 

Now at this point Millicent – who is literally high on wisdom teeth drugs – is actually pretty calm and intelligent in her decision making. She questions the effectiveness of the weapons they'll use against the zombies, decides between bringing the family cat or dog with them, and also recalls a bit of high school Spanish. The whole thing is truly remarkable, and she handles an impending zombie apocalypse much better than most of us would if we weren't on painkillers. Watch the whole video below:

Lead Image Credit: YouTube

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