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Nov 05 2015
by Fresh U Editors

These Are the Top Colleges for Sexual Health

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 05 2015

Trojan Condoms has released its 10th annual "sexual health report card," which ranks universities based on the quality and accessibility of the sexual health resources they provide to students (the full list of criteria can be found on Trojan's website). For the second year in a row, Oregon State University was ranked No. 1, "earning perfect scores in contraceptive availability, condom availability, lecture/outreach programs and student peer groups, quality of website sexual health information and overall website usability and quality," according to Trojan's website. Here's the list of the schools that got top marks: 

1. Oregon State University

2. Stanford University

3. University of Georgia

4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

5. Brown University

6. University of Oregon

7. University of Iowa

8. Columbia University - New York

9. The University of Texas At Austin

10. University of Arizona

11. Michigan State University

12. Indiana University-Bloomington

13. Princeton University

14. University of Maryland-College Park

15. Colorado State University

16. Cornell University

17. University of Florida

18. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

19. University of Connecticut

20. Northwestern University

And these were the schools that clearly have some work to do, rounding out the bottom 10.

131. Baylor University

132. Louisiana Tech University

133. University of New Orleans

134. Texas Tech University

135. St. John’s University-New York

136. University of Notre Dame

137. University of Louisiana at Monroe

138. Providence College

139. Troy State University

140. Brigham Young University

For the full list, follow this link.

Lead Image Credit: Trojan Condoms

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