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May 15 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Commencement Was Graduation Goals

By Fresh U Editors - May 15 2016

The University of Wisconsin-Madison took #CommencementGoals to a whole new level. 

As part of a tradition, UW-Madison plays "Jump Around" at the start of the 4th quarter of all of their football games. This tradition also extends to their commencement, where all the graduates get to participate in this tradition one last time in their caps and gowns. 

And this time, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (who played football at UW Madison) participated in the tradition, as he was giving the commencement speech.  Before watching the entire amazing video, here are a few highlights that will make you excited for your own graduation, and beyond jealous of this amazing tradition. 

Even the professors are turning up!

This girl has a doughnut on her cap and that girl has a flask!

Everyone is so happy!

And here is Russell Wilson jumping around with UW grads.


Lead Image Credit: BigTenNetwork

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