It’s a widely known fact that college students’ lives are perpetually busy. It is truly a talent to successfully organize and balance social life, school and other priorities. However, with the help of planners, you can keep yourself from becoming too overwhelmed. Many planners on the market lack the organizational features required by college students to get through their days productively, but the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is truly the “ultimate student planner,” allowing for college students to meticulously plan out each day. Two Fresh U writers, Joyce Cam and Lauren Reamy, tried it out. From its design to its contents, this planner can help college life seem a little less hectic. 


Lauren Reamy

Joyce: "I really like how the planner looks. It’s very appealing and gives a minimalist look that I think a lot of college kids are looking for. The colors that they come in are also a bonus; even though there are only six to choose from, I think that there are options that can appeal to anyone."

Lauren: "The planner is truly minimalist, which is a big plus because it’s easy to keep organized and not get distracted by too many extra things on the pages. The colors are light and pretty as well, and the options available are very universal, so everyone can find something that appeals to them."


Joyce Cam

Joyce: "Each month is organized to be aimed towards students! It has sections for categories that are all about students’ lives (assignments, reminders, activities and more!). The sections are also large enough to write in, so you aren’t stuck writing hundreds of assignments in a tiny box. Another thing that I appreciate about this planner is that the months range perfectly for the academic school year (August-June)."

Lauren: "The organization of this planner is hands down one of the best parts about it. The different sections for assignments, activities and reminders are very helpful. I haven’t really seen other planners that are as geared towards organizing college students’ lives until this one. There is also a section in the front to write out your class schedule for the semester, which is super helpful to have on hand when you’re still getting used to your schedule, or also just if you need a reminder of when a certain class is (because let’s be honest, we all forget at some point during the semester)."


Joyce Cam

Joyce: "The design of this planner is perfect for on-the-go. It’s small and light enough to carry in your backpack or bag. I also like how the stretch band can be detached. I know some people aren’t the biggest fans of the stretch bands because they sometimes get in the way, or are annoying, so this detachable one can accommodate for anyone. It’s also nice that the front and back both have an extra plastic cover because, as we all know, college kids can be a mess. Overall, the design of this planner is great for college students."

Lauren: "The planner’s physical design is actually really good. It’s fairly thin, so you can keep it in your bag all day without having to worry about carrying a lot of extra weight. The coil is thin as well, and there is a nice clear cover to keep the front design/cover safe. All in all, I think all of this is beneficial to a college student’s planner because since we are always on the go, it’s good to have a planner that can be a part of that lifestyle."


Lauren Reamy

Joyce: "I think the price of these planners are fair for how well-designed it is. The price is $19.99 which some may think is too high, but it’s well worth the money. Some planners I have used in the past have been the same price (sometimes more expensive), but I never really stuck with one, because the design just wasn’t fit for my lifestyle as a student. This planner is specifically made for college students, and I think it can really help organize a busy life. $19.99 is a fair price for having some help getting your life together!"

Lauren: "For college students, I think that the price of $19.99 is a good deal for what you’re getting. There are a lot of other planner options priced higher that don’t have the same functionality for a college-specific lifestyle, and so this is something that I feel is worth the price. It may seem a little high for this size of a planner, but this is truly something unique that isn’t really out there on the market and has a lot of good benefits and features to it for college students."


Joyce Cam

Joyce: "The layout offers monthly and weekly schedules. Each month has its own monthly schedule at the beginning to note any important things for the month. The weekly schedule ranges from Monday to Friday with sections for reminder, exams, assignments and activities. The last column has sections for Saturday and Sunday, a to-do list and even a countdown. By having smaller sections for Saturday and Sunday, it helps students focus on the weekdays and provides a better understanding that this planner is perfectly fit for students. The only thing that I think is a flaw within this layout is that they black-out holidays on the weekly schedule. Although this is a good reminder of when you have breaks for holidays (Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, etc.), the life of a college student never stops. I think it would have been good to leave the regular layout, in order for students to organize their time during holidays. However, this is the only minor thing that I personally did not like about the layout, but it is really no big issue. I applaud ClassTracker for constructing a design that is the perfect fit for college students. College is definitely a unique period in your life and this planner was made to help you through it."

Lauren: "One of the coolest things about this planner is how it not only has monthly and weekly spreads, but also little sections within the weekly spreads to keep you organized. Instead of just writing down everything you need to do in one list, there are sections for reminders, assignments, tests/projects and activities. This way, looking at your planner is less overwhelming, and you are able to see your day or week in a more structured format. At the bottom of each right-hand page for the weekly format is a countdown, which I was really excited about. I always have to write in 'X weeks until ...' in my other planners, so it’s really nice that this one provides space for that. I agree that the blacking-out of holidays is inconvenient, as projects, activities and assignments are still given over break, but it is a light grey color, so if need be, those days can still be written on. Personally, I think that the layout is what really sets this planner apart from others and makes it unique."

College can be hard with new responsibilities and “adulting,” but having the right planner can make all the difference. With its design and layout specifically tailored towards college students, the ClassTracker Ultimate Student Planner is definitely one you’ll want to check out for more ease and organization in your life.

Lead Image Credit: Lauren Reamy