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Jan 27 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The Powerful Reason This College Senior Decided To Leave Her Sorority

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 27 2016

Syracuse University student Alex Purdy joined a sorority because she wanted to feel a sense of belonging and friendship. And because, going into it, she was told it was an organization full of women who "encourage each other to be their best selves and to develop intellectually."

Unfortunately, her experience in her sorority didn't turn out that way. 

In a video posted Wednesday, Purdy, now a senior, shares why she decided to leave her sorority after experiencing what she says was an "overwhelming lack of compassion for one another." In the video, she explains how disappointed she was to see the way women treated other women, and that women in leadership roles cared more about what other people thought and outward appearances over encouraging sisters to become individuals. 

She also describes a few disturbing incidents from her time in her sorority, like hearing "sisters telling sisters to dress sluttier at the next formal so the guys like us," or hearing one sister talk about putting Hydroxycut in her Little's basket. Or hearing sisters say things like, "We don't want any FUPAs (Fat Upper Pubic Area) in the house."

Purdy makes clear in her video that this isn't meant to spite her former house, or Greek life in general. She wants to start a conversation.

In an email to Fresh U she said, “It was an extremely difficult decision to make this video. I wanted to express my thoughts after having spoken with people across other sororities who also feel this way. My hope is that this video will start the conversation for positive change.”

Many freshmen have just gone through rush, or are in the process of it. And though Purdy says she hopes her experience was an outlier and not the norm, the message of her video is still extremely important for any freshmen deciding where to call home. 

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