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Jun 24 2016
by Fresh U Editors

24 of the Most Compelling Tweets You Should Read About Brexit

By Fresh U Editors - Jun 24 2016

By now, you've probably heard that Britain voted to leave the EU. In a decision that's causing global shockwaves, the best and brightest on Twitter have been weighing in. Some of the tweets are more serious than others, but all have the same effect: They'll make you think. 

For updating information about Brexit, click here; for an overview of Brexit and what lead to the decision, click here

On the importance of voting, and voting for the right reasons:

On the people this affects:

On the end of an era:

And the beginning of a new one...

On the similarities between Brexit and a decision the U.S. will have to make: 

On the historical legacy:

On the *slightly* hypocritical factors of the vote:

On the overall craziness of 2016:

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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