College freshmen know how hard it is to leave your family for school, especially your mom. But for freshman Delaney Keefe, that transition has been made a little easier by the adorable and supportive texts she receives from her mom every day. 

Delaney – a freshman at James Madison University in Virginia studying political science and pre-law – shared screenshots of her and her mom's text conversations, and the heartwarming messages have gone viral on Twitter. 

Delaney Keefe
Delaney Keefe

Delaney told Fresh U over Twitter direct message that because her mom is in California, the two exchange messages every day to stay connected. 

"We definitely communicate every day, even if it's just a little text saying good morning or that we hope the other person's day is going well. It's one of the biggest things that's contributed to my happiness while I'm at school so far from home."

Delaney and her mom (Photo courtesy of Delaney Keefe)

A core component of their communication is through their jokes – "My mom and I have a very similar sense of humor, and I generally just send her funny things in order to connect while I'm away at college," Delaney said. "...I try to keep in touch as much as possible, even if it's just through goofy little jokes every now and then."

As the tweet went viral, some users tried texting their own moms to see if they got similar texts, to mixed results:

But the overall responses to the tweet have been positive. "Most reactions from others have been overwhelmingly positive, things like 'mother-daughter relationship goals', or 'this is what I aspire to be when I'm a parent.,' " said Delaney.

But how did her mom feel about going viral? Her response is equally as heartwarming as her texts to Delaney:

Delaney Keefe

 Delaney's mom also provided the following quote to Fresh U. If you made it through this article without crying, read this:

My perspective is that life is that simple. Acts of pure love for ourselves, others and this planet we all share create a world we want to live in. I think the awesome reaction to this tweet isn't as much about me as it is about the need for love and kindness in this current climate of divisiveness. It's nice to see the power of love! I am so grateful to have this adventure with my beautiful daughter.

Now go call your mom. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter/Delaney Keefe