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Nov 25 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The 13 Funniest Tweets About College Students And Thanksgiving Break

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 25 2016

From seeing old "friends" from high school at Target to remembering how much homework you have to do on Sunday, Thanksgiving break is definitely a unique experience for college students. Fresh U rounded up some of the funniest tweets that sum up Thanksgiving break as a college student.

1. When you realize Thanksgiving dinner is the first edible mean you've had in three months

2. When you're relaxing with nothing to do and you remember what you actually have to do before classes start again. 

3. When your relatives decide to play the least fun game of 20 questions ever. 

4. For those of you who decided to get a head start on your homework...

5. When you say college is going fine but you actually want to break down in tears. 

6. This relatable poem:

7. *Runs and hides in the aisles of Target*

8. *Wears sunglasses and a hat to leave the house*

9. When you realize you took your week-long break in high school for granted. 

10. When you're watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and remember you have three tests and a paper when you get back to school...

11. ...But you still wait until Sunday to get everything done.

12. How it's going to feel going back to school on Monday:

13. But being thankful for break anyways. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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