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Dec 21 2015
by Fresh U Editors

The Funniest College-Related Memes from the Miss Universe Mix-Up

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 21 2015

Steve Harvey — comedian, television host, and now Internet meme — announced the wrong winner on live television for the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Miss Colombian was crowned as the winner until Steve (you thought you messed up first semester?) realized his mistake: Miss Philippines (not Philippians) actually was the true winner of the pageant and he had misread the card

It's sort of like when you were going through your multiple choice test and then realized at the end that you had been off by one bubble, but you had already turned in your test and there was no way to fix it and it was worth 100% of your grade. 

Basically, this was really bad. But, like all bad things, there was a silver lining once Twitter started doing what Twitter does best: Not having any chill and making hilarious memes. 

There are too many memes to do a general roundup, but here are the most hilarious jokes having to do with college that came from this unfortunate mistake:

The jokes about thinking you got an A until reality hits:

TFW when your teachers gives you the wrong paper:

TFW when you do the homework totally wrong:

And if you didn't mess up your own homework, you messed up someone else's. 

But for the times you actually did do well on the test or did your homework without realizing it:

And then there's this, which isn't technically a college-related meme, but Justin Bieber reposted it and it's just too funny not to include.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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