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Jun 06 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The Father of the Stanford Swimmer Who Raped An Unconscious Woman Behind A Dumpster Thinks His Son's Punishment Is Too Harsh

By Fresh U Editors - Jun 06 2016

The father of Brock Turner (the former Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster but didn't believe it was rape) wrote a letter explaining why his son doesn't deserve a harsh prison sentence for his actions. It's been making the rounds on social media because, well:

In the letter, Brock's father explains that his son does not deserve to have his life further ruined because of the 20 minutes he spent raping someone. He tries to appeal to emotions, saying that his son no longer enjoys eating steak like he used to, and only eats to survive. He says his son on probation would be able to make a difference by educating college students about the consequences of binge-drinking and sexual promiscuity – implying that if college women just stopped drinking, maybe rape would be less of a problem. In all, the letter is a striking embodiment of rape culture. "He was a good guy who made a mistake," "She shouldn't have been drinking," "But what about how this is affects HIS life?" The reaction to the letter and everything wrong with it was quick:

Brock Turner's dad further proves just how prevalent rape culture is. And it's why letters like the one from the victim of this rape are so important. 

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