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May 26 2016
by Fresh U Editors

The Absurd Reason This School District Wants To Ban Skinny Jeans

By Fresh U Editors - May 26 2016

A school system in Wilmington, North Carolina is proposing a ban on skinny jeans, leggings or “or other excessively tight fitting pants,” according to BuzzFeed. The reasoning?

Valita Quattlebaum, a spokesperson for the school system, said to BuzzFeed News that it was basically to cut down on distractions in school. She said, “The intent of it is basically just to make sure the focus in the classroom is on teaching and learning and nothing is being worn that can distract from that."


The school district then asked for the input of students, and the responses were pretty much what you would expect: 

Some students pointed out how many other issues there are that the school could focus on instead of skinny jeans:

A few students pointed out that their wardrobe is made up of what the school wants to ban.

Other students pointed out how sexist the policy truly is. 

According to BuzzFeed, New Hanover County School Board Vice Chair Jeannette Nichols told WECT the proposed rule is also to prevent harassment of "bigger girls" who wear skinny jeans. Because instead of teaching people not to bully, the logical step is to police what people are wearing. Right. 

The school board thanked everyone for their feedback, and said they would take it into account when discussing whether to approve the policy. 

They also then tweeted a "reminder" to students that whatever they say could come back to haunt them in the future, which is a little threatening coming from a school board. 

According to BuzzFeed, the school board will meet on June 1 to discuss the policy, but there is no clear date that the decision will be made. Let's hope the school board makes the right choice, instead of punishing girls for trying to learn in normal clothes. 

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