We all know that some colleges are more prestigious to get into than others – but what about helpful a college is when it comes to actually getting a job? Online Schools Center just released a list of 30 Colleges with the Most Impressive Job Placement Rates and Career Services. They based their rankings on statistics drawn from databasing websites such as Online Education Database, Poets and Quants, and NerdWallet. For a more in-depth look at why they chose the schools they did – and what those schools have to offer – check out their entire report here

But to have the bragging rights for your school, here is the full list: 

30. University of Massachusetts Amherst

29. Purdue University

28. Southwestern University

27. Westwood College

26. University of Southern Mississippi 

25. Everest University

24. Carnegie Mellon University

23. Dartmouth University

22. Texas A&M University

21. Pennsylvania State University

20. Princeton University

18. University of Texas at Austin

18. Georgetown University

17. University of Florida

16. New York University

15. Wake Forest University

14. Northeastern University

13. Washington University in St. Louis

12. Nichols College

11. Virginia College

10. Michigan State University

9. Clarkson University

8. Emory University

7. University of Denver

6. North Dakota State College of Science

5. Bentley University

4. University of Pennsylvania

3. Babson College

2. Dickinson State University

1. Syracuse University