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Mar 13 2017
by Fresh U Editors

The 25 Colleges With the Best Professors

By Fresh U Editors - Mar 13 2017

Niche recently released its 2017 rankings for colleges with the best professors. The rankings were calculated by evaluating student surveys of professors, professor salaries, student-faculty ratio, faculty awards, faculty diversity index, the percent of professors who teach full-time, research expenditures per student, faculty gender ratio and the percentage of faculty who are members of national academies.

1. Rice University

2. Brown University

3. Dartmouth College

4. University of Chicago

5. Bowdoin College

6. Yale University

7. Stanford University

8. Emory University

9. California Institute of Technology

10. Duke University

11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

12. Pomona College

13. Northwestern University

14. Thomas Jefferson University

15. Colby College

16. Washington University in St. Louis

17. Barnard College

18. Vanderbilt University

19. University of Southern California

20. Yeshiva University

21. Scripps College

22. Grinnell College

23. Princeton University

24. Wake Forest University

25. Carnegie Mellon University

If you’re making your college decision to, or simply want to see where your college ranks, definitely give this list a look. Good professors definitely make a college.

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