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Feb 13 2017
by Fresh U Editors

The 11 Stages Of Realizing Your Boyfriend Didn't Do Anything For You For Valentine's Day

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 13 2017
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After a long week of multiple exams, presentations and a paper (not exaggerating), I guess you could say that I was looking forward to the weekend, and that special day that falls on February 14th: Valentine’s Day.

This is only my second Valentine’s Day in a relationship with someone, and this is my first Valentine’s Day with my current boyfriend. I’ve been eagerly waiting. I’m broke, so I didn’t do much for him, but I put a lot of thought into his gifts, so I’ve been really excited.

Since we’re long distance, I mailed his package to him only wondering what he had done for me. You could imagine my shock when he told me today that he hadn’t, in fact, done anything for me.

These were my various reactions, not necessarily in order (because I’ve been experiencing them over and over again all night).

1. Acceptance

OF COURSE he didn’t get me anything. Why didn’t I see this coming? It’s not like I asked him, I only dropped MULTIPLE HINTS about getting him something.

2. Anger

Why the hell didn’t he get me anything?? I mean, okay, this is a really dumb holiday, but c’mon! This is our first Valentine’s Day together!! All I wanted was some damn flowers!

3. Sadness

And a lot of it. It was a rough week. I’m tired. This was a little heartbreaking to my tired body and soul.

4. Venting

Time to complain to my roommate and close friends. Am I invalid for feeling this way? Please validate my feelings.

5. Frustration

Okay, I know you’re broke and don’t have time — but I barely have time and borrowed money from my father to finish getting your stuff together. Everyone is broke and out of time. It’s not an excuse.

6. Doubt

I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t put in ANY effort? Like you didn’t even lift a finger. What does this say about you?

7. Apathy


8. Sadness pt. 2

This threw a kink in my entire evening. I feel so odd. I probably just need sleep.

9. Bitterness

Wow, I’m going to be one of those girls on Valentine’s Day that’s super bitter towards everyone getting flowers and stuff — and I’m NOT single.

10. Not a Bit of Remorse

Now YOU feel bad? Wow, sucks.

11. Satisfied

Because after I complained to my two closest friends they both went to buy me gift Ulta/Sephora gift cards.

The first Valentine’s Day I had with someone, he totaled my car. This one? I don’t even get that.

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Editor's Note: The writer of this article has remained anonymous for privacy.
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