The search for a summer internship isn't usually about which company will pay the most. While compensation is an added benefit (or a necessary component) when looking for an internship, students don't enter the internship search thinking they'll make a ton of money. Unless, that is, you happen to be a computer engineer and get an internship at one the tech companies in Silicon Valley. 

The Guardian reported on data compiled by a former University of Berkeley student, Rodney Folz. An anonymous survey of more than 500 students reveals the insane wages tech interns make when working at companies like Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, and Slack. 

Snapchat pays $10,000 a month plus $1,500 for housing, while Facebook pays around $8,000 a month and $3,000 in "benefits." Here's the full list of companies he compiled:

Interestingly, more established companies like Apple, Google, and Yahoo are at the "bottom" of the pay scale. $6,000 a month for an internship is still pretty good though. Folz told The Guardian that he compiled the data to make sure that engineering students knew the worth of what they were producing. He told the publication, “I want students to realize that... they have worth and what they’re working on matters. They can use ... compensation to pay off student loans.”

While students in the tech world are clearly being compensated for their time and expertise, it's a mindset that hasn't fully extended to places like the journalism world. Media companies have faced criticism for not paying interns the past few years. While some companies like Conde Nast have replaced its internship program with paid fellowships and there are a fair amount of media companies that *are* paying interns (CC: Thrillist and The Hollywood Reporter), a quick search for media internships show that a lot of them are still unpaid. 

For those students who are able to score a great paid internship at Snapchat, Facebook or any other tech companies, more power to you! But let's not forget that Folz's desire for students to "Realize that...they have worth and what they're working on matters," can extend to all professions. 

Lead Image Credit: Image Courtesy: Maurizio Pesce (, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr