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Feb 11 2016
by Fresh U Editors

14 Sims Cheat Codes We Wish Were Real

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 11 2016

1. Endless Money (Sims 1)

Use Rosebud to gain $1000 in Sims money, and use Motherlode to get $50,000. If only we could have unlimited money to pay our college tuition.

The Sims

2. Change the time of day (Sims 1)

The Set_Hour cheat allows you to set the time of day. Imagine after pulling an all-nighter you set the time back to night so you can go to sleep. Why isn't this real??

3. Change size instantly (Sims 2)

The Stretch Skeleton cheat makes your Sim bigger or smaller. While not really essential, at least it would be entertaining. 

4. Stop aging (Sims 2)

Turn off aging with this "Aging Off" cheat code (you can turn it back on with "Aging On"). You might not want to live forever, but at least you could stay 21 for a little longer. 

Sims 4

5. Have bigger parties (Sims 2)

You can invite more people to your parties with this cheat. Finally, the days of only fitting 6 people in your dorm room before you get written up are over. 

The Sims

6. Maximize your skills (Sims 2)

This cheat maximizes all of your skills. Enable this code, and then pause the game and drag the pointer in your skill meter to the highest setting. You have to pause the game  skill meter click and drag the pointer over the desired skill bar to raise it. Struggling to study for that statistics test? If this cheat was real, you'd already be the best at every subject. Sigh. 

7. Clean without cleaning (Sims 2)

If you type in 'boolProp TeestingCheatsEnabled true' and then click on 'Make cleaning status...' and and then click on something, you can change its status from dirty to clean. Imagine how much time you'd save cleaning your dorm. 

8. Infinite Pizza (Sims 2)

If you type in move_objects and then select the pizza a Sim is eating you can clone the pizza. No need to explain why this is an amazing thing that should be real. 

The Sims

9. Come up with jokes instantly (Sims 3)

Type in jokesplease and your Sim will come up with a random joke. Imagine how much less awkward small talk would be if this cheat existed. 

10. Buy any house you want (Sims 3)

Technically if you had unlimited money you wouldn't need this, but if you type in freerealestate you can get any house you want. Goodbye dorm, hello penthouse. 

The Sims

11. Know everyone (Sims 3)

If you type in "make me know everyone" you know every other Sim in the game. Congrats, you are now the most popular person on campus. 

12. Make friends instantly (Sims 3)

Type in "make friends for me" and you'll get new friends. This is every introverts' dream. 

The Sims 1

13. Get happy (Sims 3)

If you type "make happy" your Sims mood will be set to maximum. This would be nice for those days when you're not feeling you're best. 

14. Pay all your bills (Sims 4)

Again, with unlimited money you wouldn't need this cheat, but typing in households.autopay_bills automatically pays all your bills. Sims are so #blessed. 

Lead Image Credit: The Sims 2


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