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Jan 14 2016
by Fresh U Editors

RIP, Your Potential College Tuition

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 14 2016

BREAKING NEWS: You did not win the Powerball. And neither did literally millions of people. So unless you were one of the lucky few that did win, you are still going to be saddled with thousands of dollars of student debt. But as Twitter proved last night, laughter is the best medicine if you felt any sense of hopelessness that your unlikely contingency plan fell through. Here are the funniest tweets that make losing your potential college tuition a little more bearable: 

When you ARE this dog:

When you pretend, for a moment, that you did win:

When you almost did win...

Remembering that there is still good in the world:

But really:

When you're contemplating how you would have spent the winnings:


When people started noticing the holes in financial aid:

This great "Making a Murderer" reference:

Coming up with a plan of action:

The reality of the situation:

And finally, a PSA.

Lead Image Credit: Slate

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