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Sep 19 2017
by Fresh U Editors

Review: The New Brita Stream Makes College Life A Little Bit Easier

By Fresh U Editors - Sep 19 2017

Brita water pitchers and college dorms are a natural fit. You don't know how clean the water is when it's straight from your communal bathroom's sink, and there's no way you'll have a fridge with an attached water dispenser. So a pitcher that has water-filtering included is the obvious choice when filling your mini-fridge. 

The only downside to a Brita has been waiting for the water to filter before drinking it. And while it's not an overwhelming amount of time, we all know how precious time is in college. 

Maybe Brita heard the feedback of college kids everywhere, because they recently released a new "filter-as-you-pour" product called the Brita Stream:

It's advertised as filtering 10x faster than previous Britas, and can hold up to 10 cups of water. We got the chance to try out this product to see if it's *really* that much better than previous makes (or just a regular pitcher of water) and this is what we thought: 


The pitcher came with clear, image-heavy instructions and took less than 5 minutes to put together. You'll need to run water through the included filter, so we recommend putting this together in your dorm common room (if it has a sink) or in your bathroom. Side note: The instructions say you can use the "discarded" water to water your plants, which is a nice nod to not wasting resources just to clean your Brita filter. 

Size (AKA, does it fit in a mini-fridge?)

While Brita does offer pitchers of different sizes, this new Brita is definitely slim enough to fit in a dorm fridge. Compared to a previous model, this Brita is much sleeker and won't take up half the shelf that you're already sharing with your roommate. 

Does this actually make my life easier?

The new Brita Stream is actually a major improvement from the other Brita's for a few reasons:

You don't have to spend time waiting for it to filter a small amount, and then fill it up again. 

When you have to leave your room and go all the way to your bathroom or shared sink, it's annoying to have to fill up your Brita constantly. It's also annoying to wait for your Brita to filter half the amount of water it can hold, and then fill up the rest of it. Since the Brita stream is "filter as your pour," you can fill up the entire pitcher and get back to living your life, at least three minutes faster than using a normal Brita. 

The top part of the Brita won't fall off if it's at a steep angle.

This might only be a problem with larger or older versions of Brita, but if you have ever tried to get the last amount of water out of your Brita so you turn the pitcher almost upside down, you probably have had the lid/filter fall off. Same thing if you tried to pour water too soon and it wasn't done filtering. You can literally turn the new Brita upside down and the lid will not fall off (though water will come out so it's not recommended unless you're pouring it into a glass). 

Is there anything bad about it? 

Literally the only slightly annoying thing about this Brita is that it needs to be above 1/4 full to filter quickly. When we tried pouring with a lower water amount, it was a much slower stream of water. This isn't necessarily a product flaw, because less water is flowing through the filter, but it can be a small inconvenience for people who let their water get to critically low levels before filling it back up. 

Overall, the Brita Stream is more convenient than the other Britas. 

While the previous Brita's were never horrible time-sucks, most of the small inconveniences are gone and it takes even *less* time to have even cleaner water than before. With its size, easy assembly, and fast filter, the Brita Stream is definitely a good choice for those in college, especially people living in college dorms. 

Lead Image Credit: Fresh U

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