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Feb 28 2016
by Fresh U Editors

11 Pictures of Dogs Studying

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 28 2016

As you attempt to learn all of the information you missed learning in class because you were on Facebook, take a short break and enjoy these pictures of dogs studying, just like you should be!

1. This dog is you on your first day of freshman year

2. This dog is catching up on current events

3. This dog is staying focused

4. Learning about the brain. This dog plans to be a neurosurgeon some day.

5. This dog WILL get an A on its midterm.

6. When it's hour five and all you know is that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

7. This dog loves reading and studying. Quite the academic.

8. This dog is supposed to be studying, but is watching Netflix instead.

9. "Please, Susan. You don't understand the complexity and depth of this poetry. Ask someone else to go for a walk."

10. This dog has aspirations to go to med school someday.

11. This dog likes to study with a friend

12. You are this dog. This dog is you. 

Lead Image Credit: Imgur

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