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Sep 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

13 Photos of Beautiful and Extremely Organized Study Materials

By Fresh U Editors - Sep 07 2016

As a college student, when you're not sleeping, going to class or hanging out with friends, you're probably studying. And while studying isn't always *fun*, the Instagram opportunities are endless. Next time you're trying to frame the perfect #studyinggoals shot, use these as insta-spiration.

1. The 'perfect handwriting' shot

2. The 'scattered study materials you might not really be using' shot

3. The 'impeccable highlighting' shot

4. The 'matching everything aesthetic' shot

5. The 'excessive and beautiful color coding' shot

6. The 'artistic coffee and pens' shot

7. The 'colorful handwriting' shot

8. The 'far away desk' shot

9. The 'minimalist' shot

10. The 'minimalist' shot, part 2

11. The 'studying with pet' shot

12. The 'headphones + laptop + random accessories' shot

13. The 'mathematical, actually studying' shot

Happy study-gramming!

Lead Image Credit: Instagram

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