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Nov 28 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Nobody Did Any Work During Thanksgiving Break

By Fresh U Editors - Nov 28 2015

Ah, Thanksgiving break. A time to unwind, eat real food, hang out with friends and family and reunite with pets. For some of us, professors we're nice enough to give us a few days or a week off from work. But for most of us, we're all coming to the awful realization that we have more work than usual ("You have a whole week to do it!" – Unreasonable professor) and very little time to do it. If you felt like you left all your work to the last minute, you're definitely not alone...

The realizations are quick. 

Sometimes you have to just hope you didn't have any work.

But then the feelings quickly escalate into panic.

Panic, tinged with regret. 

Regret, tinged with fear.

But no one is really surprised this happened.

Today's the last *real* day of break — so just leave the homework until tomorrow!


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