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May 01 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Malia Obama Is Going To Harvard

By Fresh U Editors - May 01 2016

According to the Harvard chapter of The Tab, Malia Obama might be attending Harvard University in the fall. 

In a photo posted on Facebook, Malia appears to be wearing the Harvard University class of 2020 shirt, which is apparently only available to accepted students. She was allegedly wearing the shirt on Sidwell's college signing day. 

Facebook/The Tab

While there has been plenty of speculation to where Malia will spend her college years, this could be the real deal. Only time (or a confirmed report) will tell!

Update (5/1/2016): Following the rumors, the White House has confirmed that Malia Obama will attend Harvard University following a gap year, becoming a part of the Class of 2021.

Lead Image Credit: The Tab/Facebook

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