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Jun 18 2016
by Fresh U Editors

7 Last-Minute Gifts To Get Your Dad For Father's Day

By Fresh U Editors - Jun 18 2016

Father's Day is tomorrow, and if you still haven't found the perfect gift, this guide is here to help. Not every dad wants an over-the-top present. In fact, most dads would be just as happy with a thoughtful card as they would be with a new grill, especially if you're on a budget. So instead of running around to a million stores today trying to find nice (and also inexpensive gift) pick one or two of these gifts from this list. 

1. Technology Help


This isn't just limited to helping your dad figure out Facebook. Has he been wanting a Spotify or Apple Music account for awhile, but isn't sure how to set it up? Has he been struggling with uploading all of his photos to Google Drive? Maybe he still hasn't figured out how to screenshot things on his phone. Father's Day is the perfect day to take a few hours and explain any technology thing your dad has been struggling with. 

2. A Book


Not an e-book, a real book. Take an hour to go a bookstore and pick out a book that aligns with your dad's interests. If he likes history, find one of those "History in Pictures" books. If he's into science, find him a book about different scientific accomplishments in the 19th century. You get the idea. If you have a general idea of his hobbies or interests, you should be able to find a book he would find interesting. You can always include the gift receipt if he'd want to exchange it for something else. Bonus points if you write a nice note in the first page of the book thanking him for being your dad. 

3. Something From Your College

Depending on where your school is, this might not be doable. But if you live in the same region as the university you'll be attending in the fall, you can probably find some school apparel at your local sporting goods store, Target or Wal-Mart. A t-shirt, mug or hat from your future alma mater can go a long way. 

4. A Coupon Book to Do Yard Work/Chores


OK, so this gift is probably a throwback to when you were younger, but making a homemade "coupon book" filled with yard work/other things you could help your dad with is a nice idea that is also free. Buy a small notebook and write out different things you can help with, all the way from mowing the lawn to shoveling snow next winter. 

5. A Tie


This is the most cliche idea for a reason – it's easy, and you probably can't go wrong with this. Go to literally any clothing store, and buy your dad a tie that fits in with the rest of his wardrobe. Just make sure you look in his closet to see what size he wears before going and buying it. 

6. Movie Tickets


Buy a pair of movie tickets for you and your dad to see a new movie. The real gift is the quality time you'll get to spend with him before you go off to college. 

7. A Thoughtful Card and a Day of Your Time

The best gift you can give probably doesn't cost a ton of money. Get your dad a nice card, write a thoughtful note, and then spend the day with him. He'll appreciate it. 

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