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Aug 27 2016
by Fresh U Editors

14 Invaluable Pieces Of Advice Every Freshman Should Hear

By Fresh U Editors - Aug 27 2016

1. Learn to be independent. It's OK to eat alone. 

2. Make connections with professors. 

3. Stay on campus as much as possible. 

4. Look at every situation as a potential opportunity.

5. Proceed with any hookups with caution.

6. Make friends with upperclassmen, for many reasons. 

7. Hold onto your syllabus.

8. RT

9. Extremely Important

10. Pro tip:

11. Something you wouldn't think of:

12. You will get free t-shirts. Do not buy t-shirts.

13. You have time to figure it all out. 

14. And finally, be yourself. 

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