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Jan 01 2016
by Fresh U Editors

If Next Semester Could Text You

By Fresh U Editors - Jan 01 2016

Imagine if Next Semester was capable of sending you texts, just like one of your friends you miss over break. Except in this case, Next Semester doesn't realize that some of their texts are a painful reminder of what's to come. 

1. Next Semester is excited to see you.

2. They found out that someone special will be in a class with you!

3. Next Semester is laughing with you, not at you.

4. They come with good advice.

5. Next Semester follows you on social media. 

6. Next Semester has a fifth sense, it's like they have ESPN or something.

6. They share fond memories with you.

7. They come with warnings.

8. They offer reassurance.

9. Next Semester thinks they're hilarious.

10. Sooo funny.

11. But most of all, Next Semester reminds you of how excited you are to go back to college.

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