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Oct 05 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Hoverboards Are Taking Over College Campuses and We Don't Know How to Feel

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 05 2015

If you're on a college campus, you've probably seen at least one person riding what looks like a segway without handles.

 Hoverboards, which to our disappointment don't actually hover, aren't all that new, but are becoming increasingly popular on college campuses. It makes sense — why walk to class when you can ride an automated skateboard thing while your jealous classmates look on?

Students seem to have mixed feelings about hoverboards. Some people (AKA youthful high school students) want a hoverboard to call their own:

Some students already have their own hoverboard and totally love it:

While others think they're the absolute worst.

And then there are the people who don't know how to feel, which is probably the majority of us:

Only one thing is certain — the future is now. And it's sort of terrifying. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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