The holiday season is here and as college students, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift for all the important people in your life. Thankfully, Fresh U has you covered. This year, you can nail the holiday season with these (mostly) affordable gifts for all of your loved ones.  

Gift for Your Friends from Home

1. Matching Bracelets


Feel connected to your BFF even when you're (thousands) of miles apart. Keep one and give him or her the other! Get it here

2. Bath bomb set


No more communal showers! Being home from college means being able to take a bath! Get this set here

3. String Lights with photo clips


Take some polaroids over winter break and to include along with these cool lights! Get them here.

4. A Polaroid Camera


Speaking of pictures, give your best friend this camera and compare pictures at the end of the school year. Get it here!

Gifts for Your New College Friend

1. Hot Chocolate Set


Your new friend will appreciate this sweet gift! Get it here

2. Fuzzy socks

This low-key gift is thoughtful without being over the top. Get this set here!

3. A travel mug


No one wants their coffee to go cold while walking to class! Get this cute travel mug here

Gifts for Your Roommate

1. Light Box Sign


This light box sign comes with 109 letters, numbers and symbols so your roommate can customize it with a message as often as possible. Get it here and light up your dorm!

2. Homesick Candle

This gift is the perfect way to help your roommate fight that homesick feeling. Especially if your roommate is a native New Yorker. Get one here!

3. Fuzzy Blanket


For long study sessions and cold nights, this fuzzy blanket will meet all of your roommate needs for the rest of the school year. 

4. Headphones


Maybe you haven't been the quietest roommate this semester. You can make it up and gift your roommate with these rocking headphones

5. Succulent Set


Small, stylish and succulent; this set will fulfill your roommate's decorative needs. 

Gifts for Your Significant Other

1. A picture of the two of you


You can't go wrong with printing out your favorite picture of your s/o, especially if you're long distance. Get this picture frame here!

2. A throw blanket with their college logo


Everyone can use a fuzzy blanket in their dorm. Keep your s/o warm at night even when you're not there. Get this one here. 

3. A Set of Letters

Make their day/month/year by giving them a set of written letters, especially if you're long distance. Get them here

4. A Fit-Bit

If you're willing to splurge, help them reach their fitness goals with a new fitness tracker. Get one here

Speaking of fitness...

Gifts for Your Workout Buddy

1. Nike Dri-Fit Hat


Gym hair can be a nightmare. Spare your workout buddy the trouble with this Nike hat

2. Bluetooth Music Headband


This workout headband is great for those days you can't make it to the gym. Gift your workout buddy with the perfect accessory to keep the music (and motivation) flowing. 

3. Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap

Equip your workout partner with a stylish, practical mat for yoga. 

4. Motivational Water Bottle 

The only chemical bond to focus on at the gym is H2O. Make sure your workout buddy has a water bottle to keep this bond together. 

5. Gym Armband Case for iPhone with Key/Card Holder

For your friend who always drops their phone on the treadmill. Get it for only $9.99!

Gifts for Your Study Buddy

1. This clean MUJI stationery set. 


Everything you need for a polished workspace. Get it here!

2. This set of colored pens


Make your notes a little more interesting! Get these pens here. 

3. A Moleskine (or any) notebook


One can never have too many notebooks! Your study buddy will definitely appreciate this simple gift. Get it here

Gifts for your Mom

1. Slippers + Throw Blanket



She'll appreciate this cozy combo. Get the slippers here, and the throw blanket here

2. Essential oils + Diffuser


Help your Mom relax with this diffuser – and don't forget a set of essential oils!

3. A Candle


You can never go wrong with a nice candle. Get this here!

Gifts for your Dad

1. Wooden Charging Dock


Get this thoughtful gift for under $20! 

Get it here. 

2. A Kindle


If your Dad is a bookworm, split this gift with your siblings and get him a Kindle Paperwhite for $119. Get it here

Gifts for Your Grandparents

1. Picture Frame


Your grandparents might not see you as often now that you're in college, and a picture frame is a great way for them to display pictures of you, your siblings and your cousins around the house. Get it here – bonus points if you include a picture of yourself with it!

2. Flowerpots


If your grandparents enjoy gardening, flowerpots are a great way to bring some of their plants inside for the winter. Get this set here.

3. Throw Blanket


Perfect for the house that needs a little sprucing up, throw blankets are also a great way to stay warm. Get it here.

4. Photo Albums

If your grandparents still have a lot of old photos lying around, they may want something to help organize them. Photo albums are a great way to do that. Get this one here!

Whether your gift is big or small, remember that it's the thought that counts. Happy holiday shopping for all your loved ones!

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