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Dec 20 2015
by Fresh U Editors

High School Seniors Are Freaking Out About the Common App

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 20 2015

Ah, the Common App. The portal to your college dreams and worth as a person, it would seem. It's been a year now since the Class of 2019 had to overcome this challenge, and now it's the Class of 2020's turn. Every year, someone new will win the battle, but no one will ever win the war. 

The deadline for certain applications is approaching and people are panicking. 

Some people are starting to give up hope. 

A lot of people still haven't finished, and it's stressful. 

Some students are facing technical issues, which isn't helping. 

But a lot of clever people are just using this as an excuse to make "common app and chill" jokes. 

To everyone scrambling to finish the Common App before the deadlines: Godspeed.

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