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Jun 06 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Guess What These 'Drugs' This Mom Found In Her Daughter's Drawer Were

By Fresh U Editors - Jun 06 2016

Ashley Banks, 16, just wanted her mom to find her calculator to help out one of her friends. But when her mom checked Ashley's nightstand drawer, she thought she had discovered a secret stash of drugs. In a tweet that's gone majorly viral, Ashley shared the entire hilarious exchange where she revealed what the "drugs" really were. 

While looking for the calculator, Ashley's mom sent her a picture of what she suspected to be drugs, and then proceeded to tell her that she's grounded. 

Then Ashley told her mom to put the "drugs" in water. 

While her mom quickly realized her mistake, she still questioned why her 16-year-old daughter had Magic Grow Capsules, something that's *usually* for children. 

Ashley's response?


If only all parental misunderstandings could be solved this easily. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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