The latest Kermit the Frog meme is the perfect visual for all the bad decisions your inner self makes. From procrastinating to going out before a big test, this evil Kermit meme describes everything you've done (or thought about doing) this semester. 

1. When you're developing your study schedule...

2. When last weekend was a little too lit but you rally. 

3. When you're deciding if you can make it one more day...

4. The eternal battle between grades and experiences. 

5. When you decide to reward yourself a little too much

6. Weekend plans > bank account

7. It still involves some math!

8. When you lay in bed with the light of your screen lighting up the darkness for a solid three hours

9. C's get degrees, but do they get jobs?

10. Why go to lecture when you can go back to sleep?

11. Naps can be productive, you tell yourself

12. This test-taking strategy:

13. When you're supposed to meet for a group project but you didn't get out of bed in time:

14. Procrastination is your best and worst friend:

15. When you probably should go to class but you're living the college lifestyle:

16. And finally: Reminding yourself that grades don't define you. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter