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May 30 2016
by Fresh U Editors

This College Graduate Had The Most Epic Grad Party Cake And Her Mom Was Not Happy

By Fresh U Editors - May 30 2016

Megan McGurr, 22, had just graduated from Millikin University in Decatur, IL and, like many college graduates, was having a party to celebrate her achievements. When her mom left her in charge of her graduation cake, she decided to have a little fun. 

The result of being in charge of her own graduation cake – which includes a picture of a keg stand – has gone massively viral. "It's weird to see it popping up everywhere. I had no idea it would blow up like this," Megan told Fresh U over Twitter direct messages. 

Here's a close-up of the epic cake and the even more epic reaction from Megan's mom:


While her mom looks a little annoyed, Megan told Fresh U that it was all in good fun.

"I chose the cake to both mess with my mom and I knew it would be funny. My mom has a pretty good sense of humor so I knew she wouldn't be angry long term. I love joking around with my mom. [She] saw the humor in it, eventually. My mom knows I drink quite a bit and I tell her everything so she was probably expecting it."

Even the person who made the cake was in on the joke, Megan said.

"The woman making the cake just laughed and I told her my mom didn't know so we had to do it quietly. When I picked it up I said, 'My mom is going to kill me' and she said 'Your mom is going to kill us'." 

But what was the reaction to the cake at the party? 

"The people at my grad party loved it and felt so bad for my mom. Most were my family so they know me pretty well that I would do something like that," Megan said. 

Congratulations to Megan on graduating, and for having one of the most epic grad party cakes of 2016.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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