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Oct 07 2015
by Fresh U Editors

Horrible, Drunk UConn Student Arrested Over Bacon Jalapeño Mac and Cheese

By Fresh U Editors - Oct 07 2015

We all do some things we regret when we're drunk, but this University of Connecticut student took it to another level. 

Luke Gatti, 19, was arrested on Sunday night after aggressively arguing with and even physically assaulting a manager who refused to serve him Bacon Jalapeño Mac and Cheese.

 In a 9-minute video posted online on Monday, Gatti is asked to leave the late-night cafeteria because he's holding an open bottle of beer.  Naturally — because he's drunk and clearly wants to ruin his life — he refuses to leave. When the manager asks if he wants to be expelled, Gatti calls him "f*cking idiot," and tells him he won't get expelled. He then goes on to say, "Just give me some f*cking bacon jalapeño mac and cheese."

Then the trainwreck of a situation escalates even further. Gatti continues to fight with the manager and demands "f*cking mac and cheese," even after he's told that campus police are on their way. 

Upon realizing he's being filmed, Gatti STILL thinks it's a good idea to demand mac and cheese and even tells the manager he's in the wrong. 

"They're gonna post this online," Gatti told the manager. "And you're gonna look like a f*cking tool."

Gatti continues arguing with staff members and berating the manager. Just when you think it can't get any worse, he pushes the manager and is dragged down by another cafeteria staff member and restrained until campus police arrive to arrest him. Oh, and as he's being led out the door in handcuffs, he spits in the manager's face. 

The video has now been viewed over 2 million times. In case you're worried that public embarrassment and permanent shame isn't punishment enough, Gatti was charged with breach of the peace in the second degree and criminal trespassing. He was also reportedly expelled from UConn. 

If you take away anything from this story, let it be this: College is a place to find yourself, but make sure you never end up like Drunk Mac and Cheese Kid. 

Lead Image Credit: YouTube

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