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Dec 01 2016
by Fresh U Editors

12 Coffee Mugs For Every College Friend

By Fresh U Editors - Dec 01 2016

Need an idea for what to get your coffee-obsessed roommate or your friend from home? This round-up of the quirkiest and coolest mugs is a good place to start looking...

1. Your friend obsessed with cats


Teagas Lovely Cute design Morning Cat Mug,Glossy Black 350ml ($9.98)

2. Your floormate who is an Astronomy major

The mug reveals constellations with a change in temperature! ($13.95)

Heat Changing Constellation Mug by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild - Stars Appear in the Night Sky on this Color Changing Coffee Cup 

3. Your friend obsessed with The Office



Dunder Mifflin (The Office) World's Best Boss TV Television Show Ceramic Gift Coffee (Tea, Cocoa) 11 Oz. Mug

4. Your friend with a sweet tooth


BigMouth Inc The Original Donut Mug ($12.99)

5. Your friend from home who has a sassy side


Get it for $13.99.

Vansaile Have A Nice Day Coffee Mug Middle Finger Funny Cup

6. Your friend that always want to have a Harry Potter movie-marathon


Another temperature changing mug, this reveals the Marauder's Map! ($19.99)

Morphing Mugs Harry Potter (Marauder's Map) Ceramic Mug, Black

7. Your roommate who can't function without caffeine


Temperature changing mugs are seriously the coolest. ($7.95)

eBoTrade-Tech Monday Mug (Black, 1)

8. Your Star Wars obsessed friend



Zak! Designs Sculpted Ceramic Mug in Shape of BB-8 from Star Wars The Force Awakens, BPA-free, Star Wars Collectible

9. Your friend studying marine biology


Homee Handmade Creative Art Coffee Mug Ceramic Milk Cups Ocean Style (Octopus) ($17.99)

10. Your friend who wouldn't stop playing Pokemon Go when it came out


Pokemon Poke Ball Figural Mug ($19.99)

11. Your new friend in your science class


Caffeine Beaker Mug ($15.99)

12. Your friend who's always playing games on their phone


Another heat-changing mug for only $5.50!

Paladone Tetris Heat Changing Mug

Lead Image Credit: Amazon

Editor's note: As part of Amazon's Affiliate program, Fresh U may receive a small percentage of sales resulting from this article. 

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