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May 07 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Apple Music Is Offering College Students A Major Discount On Its Streaming Service

By Fresh U Editors - May 07 2016

Rule number one of being a college student: ALWAYS look for college student discounts, and ALWAYS carry your ID in case a store does offer one. 

Apple Music is following this model and making a splash with their customers, according to Tech Crunch. Spotify, Apple Music's biggest competitor, already offers half off to enrolled college students, so Apple Music is matching this, as well as offering 50% off streaming to all students in the US, UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand. 

Students must prove enrollment in an "eligible" college or university to receive the discount, and the reduced rate will apply for four years - but those years don't have to be continuous, if you decide to take a year (or years) off!

Apple is expected to make more changes in the coming months to the streaming service, working out some bugs and doing general system overhauls to keep up with the changing tech world. Apple is also trying to keep its current growth rate up, considering Music Business Worldwide reported its growth rate to be higher than Spotify's for the last quarter. 

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