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Feb 24 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Apparently College Students Will Be Too Busy Partying and Watching Netflix to Vote

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 24 2016

Politico published an interesting article on Monday, February 22. 

The article, titled "Bernie's Spring Break Blues", says that when Bernie Sanders needs college kids the most, they'll be partying and watching Netflix. That's actually literally what it says:

The article goes on to explain how Senator Sander's popularity with college voters and success so far in his presidential campaign could be crippled by the fact that come the primaries and caucuses, the college students that have propelled Bernie's campaign won't be around to vote. 

"They’ll be in Cancún. Or Florida. Or back home," the article says. 

According to the article, half of the Democratic Party's delegates will be awarded over the next four weeks, which pretty much does directly clash with spring break schedules. As the article points out, "More than half a million college students from 14 states will be on spring break at the same time that the presidential campaign train chugs onto their campuses, according to a Politico analysis of the March 5 to March 26 primary and caucus states."

Yes, technically this will make it more complicated to figure out how to vote in the primaries. (Luckily Fresh U has this helpful guide. And a helpful guide on absentee voting!) But this Politico article seems just the *tiniest* bit condescending to young voters. 

The article goes on to say, "For Sanders to keep his momentum into April, he’s going to need to turn the #FeeltheBern college crowd’s enthusiasm into real live votes. But that’s a lot harder to do when those students have fanned out far away from their classrooms and are binge-watching Netflix on their parents’ couches or partying in New Orleans rather than caucusing in Bangor."

Maybe Politico is right. Maybe Spring Break will destroy all the enthusiasm "us kids" have for the election. But hopefully they're wrong. So regardless of which candidate you want to vote for, make sure you do vote. Inform yourself on the platforms of all the leading candidates and make an informed decision. You can have your Netflix and vote, too. 

Lead Image Credit: CNN

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