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Feb 26 2016
by Fresh U Editors

Another College Campus Has Banned Hoverboards Over Safety Concerns

By Fresh U Editors - Feb 26 2016

Syracuse University is the latest college to ban the use of hoverboards amid safety concerns. 

According to an SU News release, the temporary ban prohibits the storage or use of hoverboards on university property due to the fact that hoverboards are prone to, well, exploding. 

Tony Callisto, senior vice president for safety and chief law enforcement officer, said in the news release: “The University has conducted a thorough analysis of the early research and has concluded that there exists a serious safety threat to our community. This is the responsible decision to keep our campus safe.”

SU now joins a growing list of more than 30 schools that have banned or partially banned hoverboards from their campuses, ruining Snapchat stories for the sake of safety. Some other schools that have completely banned hoverboards, compiled by USA Today, are as follows:

American University

Boston College

Brandeis University

University of Bridgeport

Butler University

Catholic University

University of Connecticut campuses

Emerson College

University of Evansville

George Washington University

Georgia State University

University of Hartford

Kean University

University of Kentucky

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Loyola University-New Orleans

University of North Georgia

Quinnipiac University

Salve Regina University

Stevens Institute of Technology

Suffolk University

Wellesley University

Of course, that's just the list of schools with a full or temporary full ban. You can see the complete list in the USA Today article

The age of hoverboards taking over college campuses is over. This is why we can't have nice things. 

Lead Image Credit: Ben Larcey

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